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(X-Ray) Certificate in X-Ray Technician

Course Detail


                                                                                   Duration : 1 Year

                                                                                     Level : Certificate after (10+2)12th

                                                                                     Type : Certificate

                                                                                     Eligibility : 10+2(12th passed with biology,chemistry,physics)

                                                          X-Ray technicians, also known as radiologic technicians, produce X-Ray images of different parts of the body. They introduce non-radioactive substances in to the blood stream of patients to aid in the diagnosis of specific conditions.

Certificate in X-Ray technician Syllabus

S.No. Subjects Of Study
1. Anatomy and Physiology
2. Clinical Chemistry,Hematology,urinalysis
3. Electrocardiography
4. Image Acquisition
5. Laboratory Procedures and Quality Management
6. Lab result correlation
7. Patient Care
8. Radiographic Procedures